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CCA Cotton Market survey report from Agworld
CCA Cotton Market survey report from Agworld

This help article supports Agronomists using Agworld to contribute cotton crop data to CCA for the Cotton Market Audit 2020/21 season

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The data provided to CCA from Agworld may have been authored by the Agronomist and the connected grower. Data privacy is important and so CCA will work with you directly to arrange consent from you and the grower to provide the data from Agworld to CCA.

Previously the data was compiled by CCA having direct access to the reporting in Agworld, however from 2021 this option is no longer available.

For the 2020/21 Cotton Market survey, the data will be generated directly by you in Agworld via a custom report, where you simply select the participating growers and seasons, check the data, resolve any obvious errors, and submit to CCA.

The benefit of this is you can see the data being provided and have more control over the data quality supplied to CCA.

The rest of this article will explain how you generate the report data for CCA, and where to go for more help either from CCA or Agworld.

Overview of steps

  • Go to Custom Reports in your Agworld account.

  • Select “Run” on the report titled - CCA Cotton Market Report

  • Select the required “company name and season” to filter the data.

  • Select “Run report”.

Once the report is generated, check the data for any obvious errors or gaps by selecting a client and filtering in line (more instructions below on how to do this).

Key data requirements:

  • Crop and variety selected for the field

  • Seeding activity (including date sown and crop/variety)

  • Region: can be entered for a Farm (edit Farm, Advanced options/Region)

Once you are satisfied with the data set, export to .xls and email it to CCA ( who will check and compile the data sets across all the contributing authors.

More detailed steps:

1. Login into your Agworld account, on the Agworld website go to Reporting / Custom Reports

2. Select “Run” on the report titled - CCA Cotton Market Report

3. Select the required “company name and season” to filter the data to those companies who have consented to contributing data to CCA. You can select multiple companies to be included here.

4. Select “Run report” at the top right corner

Check the data visually or filter in line to reduce the data by farm, field, or input: simply type in the column heading box and the column data will filter automatically. Remove the text to un filter.

5. Once you are satisfied with the data, export to xls and email to CCA -

If you require further assistance, either view this help article or webinar on custom reports or contact Agworld support on 08 6230 2290 or email

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