Entering your harvest activity from John Deere into Agworld is easy. Just follow the steps below to ensure all your data is entered correctly so that it can be reported on at the end of the season!

1. Navigate to Workflow > Machinery Data

2. In the column on the left, filter by the type of activity. Select Harvest from the dropdown. Once you click Apply all harvest activities recorded from your John Deere machine will be displayed.

3. Agworld will pull in the Harvest Operation as well as the initial amount harvested.

This will create the following Activities:

  • Actual - This will record the acreage and cost associated with theJohn Deere Harvest Activity. Agworld will automatically select the Harvest operation to account for the acreage and cost. You can adjust the operation you want this information tied to by selecting from the dropdown.

  • Harvest Load - This will record the harvested amount from the John Deere Harvest Activity. Agworld will automatically match the commodity. If you do not have an existing commodity Agworld will create one for you!

4. Next, click Create Harvest Actual and Load

5. Once saved, Agworld will prompt you to view the Actual that was created. You are able to access the following information on the Actual that was created:

The yield information will be entered as a Harvest Load under the Workflow > Harvest Tab.

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