PowerBI Report: Input Planner

A report to help you plan and budget input requirements for the upcoming weeks, months and seasons.

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The Input Planner report will help you breakdown your planned inputs to give you accurate input requirement forecasts.

You can filter to a specific farm or season, as well as filtering to a specific input category, such as Herbicides, Insecticides, Fertilizers etc.

Using the date range filter, you can use this report to calculate product requirements over a specific data range. This is useful if you're looking to quantify the product required for the next week/month; this report will give you the exact weight or volume required.

You can also select specific inputs from the list on the left hand side of the report to filter to only that input, as shown below:

This report has been designed to help you answer questions such as:

  • What inputs to I need over the next week/month?

  • How much product do I need (total weight/volume)?

  • Where do the inputs need to go (which farms)?

This report will only pull in your Product and Seed inputs (e.g. fertilizer, herbicides, adjuvants etc.). If you're wanting to check the progress of certain operations, you can check the next report, the Operation Planner:

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