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PowerBI Report: Crop Income Detail
PowerBI Report: Crop Income Detail

How the Crop Income Detail report works in PowerBI and what the data shows

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The Crop Income Detail report is a one-stop-shop to visualize your income per crop. Here, you can view the progress of your harvest, understand the variability between farms and fields and keep up to date on the progression of your harvest.

You can adjust the season and the crop in the season selectors at the top of the page. You can also manually adjust the forecast yield and income by altering the numbers in the top right of the screen.

This page will use the Price Forecast and Yield Forecast entered in the top right of the report to calculate the Forecast Gross Margin.

Tip: at the end of the season, once all of your harvest data is in, remember to clear the forecast yield to see your final actual position.

Don't forget, you can use Focus Mode to view the visuals full screen, and you can also tap on a Field Name to view only the data for that field.

The next Agworld PowerBI report is the Field Performance report, which will breakdown your cost and income for each individual field:

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