The custom reporting tool will allow you to effectively gather and review different aspects of farm data within Agworld, in a CSV format. 

You can report on a variety of information to create detailed reports on:

  • Harvest 

  • Planting

  • Active ingredients / chemicals

  • Plans / Recommendations / Work Orders / Actuals / Observations

  • Weekly schedules

These are just a few examples of the types of reports that can be created through custom reporting. 

Below is a video with an example of setting up a custom report on product usage based off actuals: 

As another example, let's walk through the information that would be entered if you were to report on all the actuals created on the farm during a certain time period.

To access the custom reporting tool, hover your mouse over  Reporting | Custom Reports then click 'New Report'

Choose the permission type based on who can view the information:
Private Report will only allow the creator to view and make changes to the report
Company Report allows all users within the company to see and edit the report 

Select the data source under the Report Section. Since this report will be on actuals, select 'Activities.' Note that there are a variety of sources to include depending on the type of report. 

Select components under "How do you want to group the data?  to serve as the columns used in the report.  This information can be varied depending on the type of report.

For example, if you want to display all the actuals completed for your farm, the following parameters would be added:
Activity ID, company name farm, field, season, input list, and date completed.

Enter in quantitative data by selecting the necessary component from the  "What data do you want to view" dropdown.

For the report on actuals, cumulative area will be added. 

Additional filters can be applied to customize your report. For example, add 'actual activity' under 'Activity Tags' to only report on completed jobs. If you want to see only the product that was used to complete the actuals, add product under 'input types.' 

Click 'Save & Run at the top of the screen.
Note that this is a preview, therefore the final report will not show yet. 

Three additional tabs will appear.  Select the dropdown for the  'Actual Report' tab. This allows additional filters such as specified time range to be added. If you want to view the date the actuals were completed, add 'Created Date Range' 

Select the green 'Run Report' button. To view specific information, enter a keyword using the search box at the top of each column. This preview is available to be printed, filtered, or exported as a csv to further review the data. 

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