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Planting: How to Record Prevent Plant for the Season
Planting: How to Record Prevent Plant for the Season

How to record prevent plant using a crop template and view this data through the custom report tool

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With this season's excess flooding and rainfall, planting decisions have been clear as mud. In order to offer some clarity, Agworld has a solution on how to record the acreage of Prevent Plant for your operation this season. 

  1. Start by navigating to the crop templates page under the planning tab

  2. Name the template "Prevent Plant Program"

3. Edit the field configuration and set the crop to "fallow" and the use to "cover crop"

4. After saving the template, add an activity and title it "Prevent Plant Program." Include a valid date and save.

5. Now, apply the crop template to the necessary fields. The template can be applied in bulk by selecting and holding 'alt' or 'option' depending on the device being used. 

Once you have finished, the template has been applied. The next steps will explain how to see a high level overview of prevent plant acreage for your company, farm, and field. 

6. Create a new custom report. Name the report 'Prevent Plant.' When grouping the data, include the following:

  • activity name 

  • farm

  • field

  • cumulative area 

Make sure to select planned activities in the activity type filter.

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