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PowerBI Report: Crop Cost Detail
PowerBI Report: Crop Cost Detail

How the Crop Cost Detail report works in PowerBI and what the data shows

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The Crop Cost Detail report in the Agworld PowerBI app gives you some
visualizations of your major expenses and breaks these expenses down into categories to help you understand your crop costs.

This report pulls in your costs from your actuals to show you which input categories you've spent the most money on and how these costs compare to your planned cost.

This report will also take into account any outstanding plans, recommendations or work orders, so that you can easily see:

  • How much you've spent

  • How much you have left to spend

  • Where your major expenses are

If there are differences between your planned and actual cost, this report gives you a quick way to see which costs where different (e.g. fertilizers, operations) and how different they were from planned as a percentage and a total cost/area (e.g. a difference of -3.99%, which is $8.13/acre)

You can use the same filter options as the Crop Performance report to change the season, crop and growing method.

PowerBI Tips:

  • You can select specific fields in the field list to filter the data to only show the information for that field - as shown below:

  • You can also open up a visualization to view it in more detail by using focus mode. This will then show that graph/table in full screen on your device:

This report will only show your costs. If you want to understand your income position, you can head to the next report:

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