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John Deere: Frequently Asked Questions
John Deere: Frequently Asked Questions
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This article will walk through frequently asked questions regarding Agworld's integration with John Deere!

What Type of Data does John Deere Bring in?

  • Application

  • Harvest

  • Seeding

  • Tillage

No data is showing up in Agworld under the machine data even though I signed up and linked the data in Agworld:

  • Check the operations center to make sure you have allowed Agworld access to your Deere organization

  • To do this, go to the setup tab in JD Ops. Click Connections > Agworld > Manage > Partner Assignments > Edit.

  • Ensure you and any other connected partners you want in Agworld are toggled on - Click Save.

I linked Agworld to the operations center, but i has been awhile since any new data has come in. How do I fix this?

  • Go to your John Deere Integrations page in Agworld and press Manage. You may need to re-sign into the Ops Center to re-authenticate access.

  • Press the "Clear Credentials" button > "Check Now"

  • Re-sign into the ops center. Then make sure your Deere organizations match to the Agworld clients.

Why can I not find my planting activities when I set the filter to seeding?

  • This is because sometimes if you are using a certain implement it will be classified as an “Application.” We suggest setting the Activity Type filter to Application if your activity does not show up as a “Seeding” activity type.

What is the best way to create cover crop activities from John Deere?

  • Before converting, it is recommended to click “Edit and Convert” to set your cover crop under the Blend / Reason Section in the Actual. This will ensure that it does not show as the main crop on the field. Click here to read more about Primary / Secondary crops in Agworld.

What is the best way to enter multi-variety seeding activities from John Deere:

  • First create an actual per variety from the maps, jobs, or job activities page. Then, go to the Workflow > Machinery Data page to link the operation to one of the Actuals. Note: The John Deere operation can only be linked to one Actual. That is why it is recommended to create a second Actual to accurately reflect the other variety that was planted.

Is fuel use during an activity being considered as part of the information that can be linked?

  • Not at this point, but you can add fuel separately to the activity by clicking ‘edit and convert’ before submitting.

What if you accidentally match John Deere data to the wrong Agworld activity?

  1. Go to Workflow > Jobs

  2. Set the Filter to Done and search for the Activity Name, Date Completed, etc.

  3. Once you find the Activity, click View

  4. From the More dropdown, click Delete

Are the number of hours that an activity took to complete pulled in from John Deere?

  • At this time, Agworld pulls in the Start and Stop time, you could select ‘edit and convert’ to calculate the number of hours between the start and stop time and change the operation rate to total hours instead of an acre/acre rate.

What Agworld subscription is required?

  • Grower Pro

  • Contractor

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