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John Deere: How to Enter Planting Activities
John Deere: How to Enter Planting Activities

How to match your John Deere Planting activities in Agworld

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When you create a Planting event with John Deere equipment, this data will flow through to the Machinery Data page in Agworld. These planting events will be auto-matched to Plans, Recommendations or Work Orders so you can link and convert them into an Agworld Actual with the click of a button. If no matching Plan, Recommendation, or Work Order exists in Agworld you can use the data from the JD Operations Center to create a new Agworld Actual from scratch.

Follow the steps below to learn how:

  1. Navigate to the John Deere > Machinery Data page

  2. Set the "Type" filter on the left hand side to Seeding activities. Click Apply to set the filter

  3. Click the planting activity you would like to convert to an Actual

  4. At this point you can either match this to an existing Plan, Recommendation, or Work Order by clicking "Convert to Actual." If one does not exist, you can create one from scratch by clicking "Create new Actual"

5. The planting data that comes across from the JD Operations Center to Agworld includes:

  • Activity start & finish date and time

  • Field name

  • Seed variety

  • Seeding rate

6. Confirm that the suggested seed & variety is correct, and if it is, click Covert to Actual / Create Actual. If you need to make adjustments to the seed & variety click "Edit and Convert."

7. Agworld will then prompt you to view the activity including the additional information that was pulled through from the JD Ops Center.

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