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John Deere: Introduction to Agworld's John Deere Integration
John Deere: Introduction to Agworld's John Deere Integration

An explanation of what the MyJohnDeere integration is, what it can do, and how it fits into and adds value to your current workflow.

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Agworld's integration with John Deere Operations Center is a win-win for farmers. One of the biggest pain points for farmers is data entry, so we want to make record keeping as easy as possible for you. Pulling your machine data from John Deere and combining it with your financial and agronomic data in Agworld will give you one place to check all your completed jobs, what is left to be done and how you're tracking financially.  After setting up the integration, you'll also have the added benefit of being able to send machine controller files straight to your machines (if equipped)  from Agworld too! 

The John Deere integration fits into your existing Agworld workflow so that you can maximise the value you get from Agworld by pairing Agworld’s standardised database with your auto-recorded machine data from John Deere.

What Agworld can send to MyJohnDeere:

  • Rx Controller Files 

  • Total solution rate

  • Field Shape

  • Agworld Activity ID

What Agworld can receive from MyJohnDeere:

  • Field operation ID

  • Total area for the application

  • Started and completed day and time

  • Field(s)

  • Any product information, if you have recorded it in the JD tractor display,

  • The as-applied field map.

What you can do with the information, once it's in Agworld:

  1. Convert an outstanding Plan/Recommendation/Work Order to Actual

  2. Link the JD data to an existing Actual

  3. Create a New Actual

  4. Discard the Operation

Convert an outstanding Plan/Recommendation/Work Order to Actual

Agworld geospatially smart matches your data. This means we find any outstanding jobs for a field that are in the same GPS location as the as-applied data received from John Deere. We suggest the most relevant outstanding jobs so it's easy for you to find the Agworld jobs to match your John Deere as-applied data. You can convert these recommendations/plans/work orders to actual in one click. Agworld will take the field and the start and stop time from the as-applied data from John Deere and combine it with the recommended products and rates to record a completed job. If you need to make changes to the Agworld job before you convert it, you can select the option to "Convert and edit"

Link the JD data to an existing Actual

If you've already created an Actual in Agworld, you can link the Machinery Data from John Deere to ground truth your application. The data you entered on the actual will stay the same, but you will now be able to view and refer back to the as-applied map.

Create a New Actual

You can create a new actual from the Field Operation data imported from John Deere by clicking the"Create a new activity" button. Once in the Agworld job form, you can fill in the details. Agworld will pull in the field and the start and stop time, you just need to confirm the products applied by selecting inputs and operations from the Agworld database.

Discard the Operation

You can discard the field operation incoming from MyJohnDeere if the job has already been recorded as an Agworld actual or is not required.

What Agworld subscription is required?

  • Grower Pro

  • Contractor

Ready to setup the integration? 

If you'd like more information about the John Deere integration, or would like help setting up your integration, search for "John Deere" in the Help Centre, or contact Agworld Support.

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