If you plant more than 1 variety per field or more than 1 crop per field, you can set this via the Workflow | Farm Performance Page or under the field configuration under Farm Planning. 

Secondary crops in Agworld are cover crops and under sown crops. When set as a secondary crop, they will contribute the seeding costs to the field expense on your fields. 

From the Planning Page:

1. Navigate to Planning > Farm Planning on the Agworld website

2. Click on a field > click 'Create Field Plan', or click 'Edit' next to 'Field Configuration' to edit an existing plan

3. Click 'Add Crop' to add another Primary or Secondary crop to the plan

4. Click 'Save'

Note: if there is a seeding activity in the plan, this will override the Field Configuration. For more information on creating seeding activities for multiple crops, click here.

From Farm Performance: 

1. Navigate to Workflow > Farm Performance on the Agworld website

2. Hover over the field you'd like to edit and click 'View / Edit'

3. If your plan is already set but you'd like to add another crop, set the crops and ratios to 'Manually'. Please note that fields set to manual crop and ratio assignments update the maps page but do not alter the plan

4. Click 'Add Crop', type in the box to search for your crop, and click 'Save' at the bottom of the page

Creating a seeding activity 

When a seeding activity is created it will not overwrite the existing crops on the field. Instead it will add it to your crops. 

Crop ratios will updated in planning to reflect the activity area on seeding plans / actuals 

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