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Planting: Creating Activities for Seeding Cover Crops
Planting: Creating Activities for Seeding Cover Crops

How to add multiple varieties to one seeding activity

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In Agworld, you can easily create activities to record the various seeds and the mix rate they were applied. 

You can set the seed input as a secondary crop by adding the following under blend / reason:

  • Cover

  • Undersow

  • Root (stock)

When you add a crop use, it will not change the planted crop on the maps page but rather add to it.

Jobs that contain secondary crops (cover crops or under sown) will contribute their seeding costs to the fields expense. 

How to Create Cover Crop Seeding Activity 

  1. Create an activity (plan, work order, recommendation, actual) 

  2. Add basic information

  3. Add a Seed

  4. Set the Blend / Reason to: Cover, Undersow, or Root (stock)  

  5. Add the rate for each input applied 

  6. Save

When you run a farm performance report, the crops from the cover crop blend are listed as cover crops in the reason. The crop set as primary will remain as the harvested crop. 

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