Irrigation in Agworld

Read below to understand how to schedule irrigation in Agworld💧

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In Agworld you are able to select specific irrigation sources and types to easily schedule irrigation applications!

Follow the below steps to create a basic irrigation activity:

  1. Create an activity

  2. Click Add a Product and type in water - irrigation (note a variety of irrigation types will show)

  3. Select the Product type specific to your operational needs

  4. Enter the rate and optional price

  5. Click Add Operation to include the type of irrigation

  6. Set the mix method specific to your operational needs. In this example, time was selected to represent the total amount of time spent irrigating 

As with all activities in Agworld, this can be Assigned to the individual(s) who will be performing or managing the irrigation.

 Since repeat irrigations are typically needed throughout the season, we recommend creating Activity Templates to expedite creating irrigation activities.  A subscription that includes Agworld’s Planning features is needed for accessing these templates. 

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