Tags and colors can be used to categorize or label Agworld Jobs to enable easier filtering on specific job information. This article will describe what tags and colors are used for some examples of how they can be used.

What are Colors, Tags and Input Tags used for?


Colors can be used for color-coding and categorizing Agworld Jobs.

For example, you could mark all fertilizer jobs green, all irrigation jobs blue, and spray jobs red.

Or, you can use colors to prioritize jobs so you can easily tell which jobs should be done first.

Note: Jobs with colors can be filtered on the Jobs page and are reportable using custom reports

Activity Tags

You can add tags to Jobs for a more descriptive categorization than colors.

For example, you could use tags to record the load ticket number for each actual, and then you can filter the activities using the tag.

Tags can also be used for reviewing Jobs to make sure all of the information is correct, using a tag such as 'Reviewed' or 'Needs Review'

Note: Jobs with activity tags can be filtered on the Jobs page and are reportable using custom reports

Input Tags

Input tags can be added against any product, seed or operation that you add to a job.

The most common example of using this is adding batch numbers for chemicals

Note: once a tag has been added to your account it is there forever and cannot be edited so be careful to enter it with the correct spelling/number

Note: At this stage, input tags appear on individual jobs but are not reportable.

To find out how to add tags, input tags and colors to Agworld Jobs, check out this article.

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