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Agworld and Figured Integration
Agworld and Figured Integration

Agworld's integration with Figured allows the flow of planned financial budgets from Agworld directly into Figured

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Figured is an easy to use farm financial management software that works hand-in-hand with Xero. Figured and Agworld share a vision of a connected farm, where growers and their advisors can access quality, real-time data to inform timely decision making. This vision led to an integration that allows a cropping plan and budgets created in Agworld to flow directly into a Figured budget. Integrating these two systems not only saves time entering data but it ground-truths the financial plan with a field plan created in Agworld.

What is Figured?

What information flows between Agworld and Figured?

  • Link up your structured Agworld account data (season, crop, farm, field) to Figured

  • Turn your Agworld production plan (planned products, operations, dates and costs) into a Figured budget. Categorise expenditure for each enterprise during setup.

How does information flow between Agworld, Figured and Xero?

  • Planned production data in Agworld can be sent directly to Figured to create a budget (more details in question above)

  • Figured and Xero then integrate to reconcile your actual costs to each enterprise in Figured

Who would benefit from the Agworld-Figured-Xero integrations?

Growers and financial advisors/accountants looking to streamline their budgeting process and get a full picture of their farm production and financial data would benefit from the Figured-Agworld-Xero data integration.

What level of Agworld subscription is required to use the Figured integration?

Any Agworld grower subscription unlocks the Figured integration at no additional cost.

How can users set up the integration?

Head over to Figured's help centre for the steps on how to get set up!

How can users get help on setting up the integration?

If you have any trouble importing the data or linking your accounts, please contact Figured support.

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