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Importing prescription files into Agworld
Importing prescription files into Agworld

How to import prescription files into Agworld

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Users with an Enterprise subscription or with a Agronomist Professional subscription can utilize the prescription features listed below:

  • Prescriptions can be sent directly from third parties such as PCT Agcloud to Agworld

    • Click here for more about the PCT Agcloud integration

  • Agworld users can import prescription files from any third party source via the manual uploader

To upload a prescription file the following prerequisites must be met:

  • A field boundary in Agworld must be present & active in the season you are uploading the Rx for. To unhide a field you can learn how to do that here.

  • The user uploading the prescription must be able to access the workflow prescriptions page

    • Checkpoint πŸ›‘: need agronomist professional or enterprise subscription. Please contact customer support to give the correct permissions.

To upload a 3rd party prescription file, follow the steps below:

1. Select the client you wish to upload the prescription for

2. Navigate to the Workflow > Prescriptions page

3. From the All Tab click the import prescriptions box

4. Select the shapefiles you wish to import

5. Agworld will automatically locate the field based on the prescription map coverage area

6. Specify the Rate Column from the DBF and the unit of measure. Then click Import

Once imported the prescription can be converted to jobs by following these steps.

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