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A couple of tips that might help you get more out of the Agworld PowerBI App

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See the data behind the charts:

  • You can use Show data to pull up a table with all the data behind any of the charts and visualisations in the app. Click on the menu button next to the chart and then select Show data

Enter Focus mode:

  • If you want to focus on 1 specific chart, table or graph, you can enter Focus mode to view it full screen

Export data to Excel (Windows Only):

You can export data in two ways:

  1. Analyze in Excel (all tables and reports)

  2. Export table to Excel

Analyze in Excel
From your PowerBI Home Page, click on the Agworld Workspace. Navigate to Reports and then click the "Analyze in Excel" button. You will be taken through an installation process to download and install OLE DB driver. Follow these installation steps and then click "Analyze in Excel" again. The data will be exported as a .odc file, which can be opened in Excel. Microsoft also has an in-depth and step-by-step process you can follow in their support article.

The data will open as a pivot table, with all the tables you see in PowerBI in your pivot table fields. In the data fields, data is broken into two categories: text and numerical, so you may notice some duplicate categories in your fields in Excel, as shown below:

Once your data is in Excel, you can use all of the tools in Excel to merge your Agworld/PowerBI data with any other datasets. You can then also publish the data back into PowerBI.

Export table to Excel
From the menu options on each table, graph or chart, you can choose the option "Export data". This will only export this summary data, you cannot export the underlying data.

Setting up alerts and notifications:

Alerts can be set up from a Dashboard, which you will need to create yourself. These can be personalised for your business and only show you the data that you want to see.

Updating Power BI app 

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