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Refreshing Your Data from Agworld
Refreshing Your Data from Agworld

How to get your data from Agworld and how to set up refresh schedules

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Once you've linked your Agworld PowerBI App to your Agworld account, you will want to refresh your data in the Agworld PowerBI App from Agworld. There are two ways to refresh your data: you can manually refresh it on-demand or you can set up your own refresh schedules to have the data automatically updated at set intervals.

Manually Refreshing Data

To do this, first, head to the PowerBI home page, then:

  • Click on Workspaces and then select the Agworld workspace

  • Select the option Datasets and then Click the Refresh Button

  • The data will then refresh from Agworld and you can head back to the app by clicking on Apps in the left hand menu and then selecting Agworld

Setting up a Refresh Schedule

First, head back to the Agworld workspace, then:

  • Navigate to Datasets and choose the Refresh Schedule Icon

  • In the list of menu items here, click on the > Scheduled Refresh option

  • Turn scheduled refresh on and select the frequency and Time Zone. By default it will refresh once at midnight when turned on unless other times have been specified.

  • You can also set notifications to alert someone if s scheduled refresh fails

  • Click Apply to save your scheduled refresh

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