The Historical Trends PowerBI report will give you some high level visualizations into the performance of your company.

There are graphs which will show you trends over time, such as:

  • Your farm total area and crop breakdown

  • Your total cost by crop

  • Cost categories (Fertilizer, Seed, Chemical, Operations)

  • Revenue by crop

These graphs and tables have been designed to help you answer questions such as:

  • How has my farm operation changed over time?

  • What percentage of my total cost has been allocated to specific input categories (fert, chem, seed etc) over time?

  • What are my historic gross margins for each crop?

For example, the graph below shows a change in % revenue over time showing a decrease in revenue from Alfalfa and an increase in revenue from Corn.

There is also a data table, which shows your gross margin for the whole company, as well as a breakdown for each farm.

The next Agworld PowerBI report is the Input Planner, which can help you forecast input requirements over specific date ranges:

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