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PowerBI Report: Field Cost Detail
PowerBI Report: Field Cost Detail

Analysis into the individual costs for each field, represented in a range of visualizations and tables to help understand your field costs.

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The Agworld PowerBI Field Cost Detail report will show all of your actual expenses for a field. These expenses are represented in visualizations, to give you a clear comparison of your major expenses. It is then broken down into a table to show you the individual figures for each cost category: Seeds, Fertilizer, Operations, Chemicals.

In line with the rest of the reports in the Agworld PowerBI app, you can adjust the season, farm and field at the top of the page.

An example of one of these visualizations (below) is the Cost/Area By Subcategory. In this image, the yellow portion represents half of your total cost for the field - this was spent on operations. The rest of the costs were on fertilizers, seeds and chemicals.

Useful tip:

If you're looking at the cost by category in the table, you can expand the whole table, or each line item to dive deeper into the data - if, for example your chemical cost is much higher than expected, you can expand the chemical section to view the cost for every chemical applied.

To go back to the original view, click the upwards arrow to the left of the expand all button. You can also use the little [+] and [-] buttons next to the cost to expand individual categories.

The next Agworld PowerBI report is the Historical Trends report, which will give you a high level snapshot of your farm performance over time; it includes your most recent previous seasons.

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