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Power BI: Frequently Asked Questions
Power BI: Frequently Asked Questions
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There's a new version of the Agworld for Growers App, how do I update?

To update to a new version of the app, go to the Apps section and follow the instructions as if to get the the Agworld for Growers App for the first time. Once you click on install, you will be prompted whether to install to a new workspace or to overwrite an existing workspace. Select to overwrite an existing workspace and pick the "Agworld for Growers" workspace which would have been created when you first installed the app.

Note: If the reports are showing errors you can try one the solutions below:

  1. In the "Agworld for Growers" workspace, under reports, delete the "Agworld" report. Then follow the steps to re-install from App Source. This should re-install the base "Agworld" report which should now work.

  2. In case that does not help, delete the "Agworld for Growers" workspace by clicking on settings at the top of the workspace and then Delete in the pop out panel. Please note that if you do this, you will also lose any additional reports you would have created in that workspace.

What seasons can I see in PowerBI?

  • Data only from last 4 years

Can I export in PivotTable Excel (windows only)?

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