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PowerBI Report: Operations Planner
PowerBI Report: Operations Planner

Check on the progress of your farm operations, such as seeding, harvest and much more

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The Operations Planner PowerBI report gives you the ability to check on the progress of certain farm operations. For example, you can track the number of acres left to plant or harvest. This will help you estimate the remaining time for certain jobs and help you keep your team on track.

Operations added into activities (e.g. Planting, Fertilizing, Harvest) will pull into this report.

Similar to all previous reports, you can use the filters along the top of the report to filter to specific operations (sub-categories) as well as date ranges and different units (Area/Hours/Count).

For example, in the image below, you can filter to only view the remaining area to be sprayed this season by selecting the sub-category "Boomspray application" in the filters:

The last Agworld PowerBI Report is the Crop Risk Matrix report, which can help you understand your risk based on different season outcomes:

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