The Crop Risk Matrix in the Agworld PowerBI App can help you understand your risk throughout the season. It's quick and easy to adjust your forecast yield and income to then visualise and understand the outcome of different seasonal outcomes.

One of the main differences between this Crop Risk Matrix and the one on the planning tool is that this will take into consideration your forecast costs too. Whenever you make a change to your jobs in Agworld, the Crop Risk Matrix will offer you the latest view of all the changes for a more accurate look at your position.

You can benchmark your current season against previous seasons and then use the Price Forecast and Yield Forecast filters to create your minimum and maximum price and yield expectations.

As you adjust these filters, you will see the table at the bottom of the report automatically adjust to calculate your gross margin based on your set parameters.

The cells in this table will change colour, depending on whether the outcome is higher or lower than your planned gross margin.

There is also a handy tool in the Forecast Gross Margin/area table, which can help you analyse your risk on a much more incremental scale. If you click the [+] and [-] buttons for Yield Precision on the bottom right, you can adjust the gaps between yield increments:

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