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Precision: Converting prescriptions to jobs
Precision: Converting prescriptions to jobs

Prescriptions ➡️ Jobs ➡️ Controller Files

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Use Agworld to turn your prescriptions into jobs that can be downloaded as controller files! 🧾 This can be used for Express Rx, Nutrient Rx, or third party upload.

To Start ✅

  • Navigate to the Workflow > Prescriptions Page

  • Click the All tab

1. Specify the Input Being Used

  • Select Change Input (this is input/seed used for the Rx) , verify the price and click okay. If you want to learn more about default pricing, click here

  • Note: this only has to be done with Rxs coming from the PCT API or a manual upload (Express Rx has the input set automatically)

  • If you wish to preview the Rx this can be done by clicking the Rx name

  • If you would like a PDF of the prescription, this can be done by selecting the Rx and pressing run precision report (note an input must be set on the prescription for it to be available in the report.)

2. Approve the Prescription

  • Select the check box next to the prescription, and click set as approved

3. Convert to a job

  • From the More drop down on the Approved tab, convert the prescription to an activity

  • When converting to an activity this is when you can assign the operator, operator company, due date, and asset.

  • You also have the option to create multi-bin jobs per field, this will take multiple prescriptions and tie them to a single activity.

  • Press Ok When the information looks correct

4. View the Job

  • Under the Todo tab, you can view the job and download or send the Controller Files by pressing the converted text under the status column

5. Convert to Actual

  • Once the job is complete, it can be converted to an Actual.

To learn more about the Jobs workflow in Agworld click here

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