Agworld Price Management is available for Company Administrators to keep a list of the prices for products, seeds and operations. Within a Company, the price list is shared between all users, so if your colleague changes the price of a product, it will also change for you.

You can access Price Management by clicking on your company name on the top right corner of the website > Price Management (under shortcuts). 

There are 4 lists: Products, Seeds, Operations and Archive

  • Products are all of the chemicals, fertilisers, pesticides etc that you apply to a field. 

  • Seeds are the crop varieties in Agworld. 

  • Operations are your overhead or operational costs and,

  • Archive is a list of inputs that are no longer required (if for example, you've stopped supplying or using a product).

First things first, you need to choose the default source for your input costs. If you have a supplier agronomist connected, you could set the default source to their branch. Alternatively you can set the default to Not Set if you'd prefer to enter in all of your pricing. Click in the box, choose your default source and then click "Set Default Source" to save your choice. You will need to do this for each list.

If you've been using Agworld or have any jobs/plans in your account, there will be a pre-loaded list of inputs in your Price Management. These are the products, seeds and operations that have historically been used for your company in Agworld. If you are new to Agworld, this list might be empty.

To enter in a new input click on the green "Add" button. You can select any inputs from the Agworld standardised database. If there are any inputs you want added, simply pass this request on to Agworld Support.

To set a price for your inputs, click on the "Set my price" button and enter in the cost per unit for the input. You can adjust the units and the rate, so you can easily enter in the price without needing to do too much calculation.

Price Management is not season specific and does not automatically change historic information in Agworld. So if you have been entering in jobs and now the price for the chemical has changed, you can update the price in Price Management. Now any new jobs you create will have the new price and any old/historic jobs will still have the same price.

Update existing jobs

If you want to bulk update existing jobs in Agworld, such as plans, actuals, recommendations or work orders, you can do so through the Job Activities menu. Check out the Help Article below to learn how:

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