Use Agworld to turn your prescriptions into jobs that can be downloaded as controller files!  🧾 This can be used for Express Rx and Nutrient Rx 

To Start  ✅

  • Navigate to the Workflow | Prescriptions Page

  • Click the All tab 

1. Specify the Product Being Used (Nutrient Rx / manual upload only)

  • Select Change Product (this is product used for the Rx) , verify the price and click okay 

 2. Approve the Prescription

  • Select the check box next to the prescription, and click set as approved 

3.  Convert to a job

  • From the More dropdown, convert the prescription to a the appropriate job. You will then verify information and click Ok when complete. 

4. Download as Controller Files

  • Under the Todo tab, you can view the job and download the Controller Files.

5. Convert to Actual 

  • Once the job is complete, it can be converted to an Actual.

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