Accessing Agworld is free, but accessing our premium features requires a paid subscription. With a subscription, you can use Agworld to avoid double data entry, optimise your data recording and get it all done in the field. You will get real-time insight into your cost to date and gross margin as well as collaborating with your team and your advisors. These features and the associated costs are outlined below.

The Free Farmer subscription $0 /user/year

  • Free farmer is the default log in to Agworld and it allows you to view your maps, record rainfall, access product label and safety information and view your agronomist's plans/recommendations 

The Farmer Mobile subscription $949 /user/year

  • Farmer Mobile is our most popular subscription. It allows you to record all of your actual application data, including products, rates and prices. You can convert your agronomist's plans and recommendations into actuals and you can report on your farms agronomic and financial performance

The Farmer Plus Subscription $1199 /user/year

  • all of the functionality of the farmer mobile, plus access to planning to create financial budgets and agronomic plans, utilise templates to make recording your data quick and simple and a powerful Find and Replace tool to take the time out of bulk updating your plans or actuals.

The Farm Staff Add-On $50 /user/year

  • same functionality as farmer mobile for any additional staff. You can toggle on/off administrative and financial viewer permissions

If you'd like to add in your staff, family members or seasonal workers to view your farm information, or record their on-farm activities, see our article "How to add a New User/Operator to your Farm Company"

Subscriptions fees are billed annually - this included access to unlimited support and training, product updates and mobile app updates. We are constantly releasing new features into the Agworld platform. 

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