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Introduction to Agworld Scout
Introduction to Agworld Scout

Scout is a quick and easy, paperless solution to crop scouting and field observations

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Agworld Scout is a flexible, simple and efficient way for agronomists and crop advisors to instantly collect in field data from their scouts. You will require either an Agronomist Plus/Professional subscription or an Enterprise subscription to set Scout up for your company. Once the templates have been created for your company, any paid Agworld user can use the Scout App to record their observations and records. 

In Scout, you set up attributes and templates so that you can track or count any pests, weeds, diseases, growth stages and much, much more. Scouts can use the app offline to record all of their counts and observations. When they're in reception or sync their devices, the data collected is immediately available to view and report on via the Agworld website. No more paper records or data entry, it's all done in one quick and simple paperless system.

There are a few key steps in getting started:

  1. Set up your attributes

  2. Build your templates

  3. Log in to the Scout App

  4. Go Scouting 

  5. Report on the data

We've separated each of these steps out into individual articles. If you'd like any assistance getting started, please feel free to reach out to your local Customer Success Team.

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