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What Is the PCT Agcloud / Agworld Integration
What Is the PCT Agcloud / Agworld Integration

An explanation of what the PCT / Agworld integration is, who can access it and how to set it up

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What is the PCT/Agworld integration?

The PCT Agcloud and Agworld integration enables you to seamlessly share your PCT Agcloud geospatial data layers with Agworld. Data layers linked to an Agworld field can be viewed by growers and agronomists on the Agworld platform. Layers can be annotated and attached to jobs created in Agworld. Send prescriptions from PCT Agcloud to Agworld and tie them in with the jobs workflow so the prescription details are with the applicator.

Some examples of displayed layers include:

  • Yield

  • Gamma radiometrics

  • EM

  • Elevation

  • Management zones

  • Veris

  • Planting

  • & more

What Agworld subscription is required to access the integration?

The integration can be set up and linked by any user on the Agronomist Professional subscription, and any user on the Enterprise subscription.

Once the Agworld and PCT accounts are linked, any farmers that have an Agworld subscription connected to the account can view the layers (though visibility can be toggled on/off by choice).

How to set up the integration

For more information on how to set up the integration, please visit PCT's help centre:

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