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How to view information created by your Agronomist

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As a free user with no existing Agworld subscription, you are able to view the following information created by your Agronomist:

  • Farms and fields

  • Print farms and fields

  • View pins

  • View agronomic information

  • Change crop color

  • Click on a field to view activities (recommendations, work orders, etc)

Watch the video below to learn how to make the most out of your free account:

How to View Activities:

  1. Click on a field

  2. Navigate to the Todo or Done tab

  3. Click Recommendation, Work Order, or Actual to view information about the job

  4. Click View - this will take you to a PDF format. You can share this as a PDF via email, or you can print.

πŸ›‘ Checkpoint: If your company has an Agworld subscription, the above functionality does not apply to you.

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