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Scout Getting Started: Log in to the Scout App
Scout Getting Started: Log in to the Scout App

How to download and log in to the Scout app, and who can access Scout for your company

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The Agworld Scout iPhone and iPad apps can be downloaded from the App Store.

Open the App Store and search for "Agworld Scout". It will look like this:

Click on GET and let the app download. Open the app and log in with your Agworld username (email address) and password.

User Accounts

If you're setting up the app for a worker or Scout, they must have an Agworld User account within your Company and an Agworld Subscription. If you'd like instructions on how to add a new users, check out this article


The ability to use the Agworld Scout app is included in all Farmer and Agronomist subscriptions. If your Scouts only need to use Scout, and don't require any other features, we also have Scout subscriptions.

Access to Clients

By default, you can Scout for all of your clients (or your company, if you're a farmer). If you'd like your Scout to access every client in your company, you can tick the box on their User page "Scout For Colleagues' Clients". This is found under your Company Settings  > Users & Employees

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