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Mapping: How to split a field boundary
Mapping: How to split a field boundary

How to split a field into two (or more) separate fields from the Agworld website

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If you are wanting to manage a field in Agworld separately, we recommend splitting the field boundary. This will take the original field, split it into two and hide the original field.

  • Tip πŸ’‘ We always recommend splitting a field boundary if you will be doing different activities on that field during that season

  • Tip πŸ’‘ In future seasons, you can use the Select Fields in Use This Season tool to then turn fields on/off.

Check Point βœ… These changes can only be made on the Agworld website

This article contains video and written instructions on how to split your field boundary from the Agworld website:



Split field boundary:

  1. From the maps page, find the field you'd like to split

  2. Click on the menu (3 dots) to the right of the field name

  3. Choose the option Split Field Boundary

  4. Start by clicking and creating a point outside of the field boundary & where you want the split to be

  5. Continue to click down the middle of the field

  6. Click around the outside of the field, so that one side of the field is completely surrounded by the white dots

  7. Once your last point is connected to your first point, the message "Are you sure you want to permanently split this field?" will appear

  8. Select Ok

  9. You will now have two fields

Tips πŸ’‘

  • The crop and variety will now be assigned to both sides, but you can edit the crop by clicking the menu (3 dots) to the right of the field name and selecting edit field

  • Any activities/plans you have already created for these fields in the selected season will remain on those fields

  • In future seasons, you can turn on/off this split through Select Fields in Use This Season

  • You can cut these new fields into more fields

  • The fields don't need to be the same size, your cut can be anywhere you like, and you can manually adjust the area after you've cut the boundary

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