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Agworld Harvest: How to create a harvest actual in Agworld
Agworld Harvest: How to create a harvest actual in Agworld

Create harvest actuals to track your operational costs during harvest

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In Agworld you can record and track the areas of harvest that have been completed and associate costs to that operation through Activities.

  1. Select Workflow > Activities

  2. Select Create > Actual

  3. To create a Harvest Actual, select Harvest in the New Actual screen

  4. Enter the information about your harvest activity in the relevant sections

    1. Under Basic Details, enter the information required for the activity, such as: Title, start & completed times

    2. Choose the fields harvested by selecting Add Location and choosing the fields you wish to record a harvest against.

    3. Enter the details of the operation including the costs by selecting Operation. Harvest costs can be recorded in several ways including by time, area or volume (for fuel etc).

    4. If your harvest was completed by a contractor, you can assign the operation to that business if required.

    5. Any other information can be recorded in the Comments section.

    6. Press Save.

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