If you're rotating your fields, pulling out boundaries or would like to re-map your farm, there are a few features on the Agworld website designed to help you. All of your field options can be found in the menu button next to the field name and area. 

From the Agworld website Maps page:

  • Find the field you'd like to delete

  • Click on the button name/area of the field you’d like to delete and then select ‘Delete Field’.

Please note that a field can only be deleted if there are no activities or plans from any season recorded against that field. This ensures that no historical data is lost from your Agworld account.

If there is historic data recorded in Agworld for that field, you will need to turn that field off for the season. You can do that from the Farm/Property Menu:

  • Find the Farm the field is mapped under

  • Click on the Farm menu

  • Click on "Select Fields in Use This Season"

  • You can now tick on the fields you'd like to appear in this season ( if they are off)

  • You can tick off the fields you'd like to disappear from your maps page for this season ( If they are on)

  • Click "Done" once you've turned off all the fields you'd like removed

If you receive any error messages, such as "Unable to save field" Please read the error message. The message will explain what caused the error, such as an "(1 Field Plan)". If you'd like to turn the field off, any plans, recommendations, work orders and actuals will need to be deleted before you can turn the field off.

Note: If you receive the "Field Plan" error message you can easily delete this to turn the field off. Click here to learn how!

If you would like any further assistance, please contact Agworld Support

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