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Discarding & Deleting Activities
Discarding & Deleting Activities

How to delete or discard activities

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If you created an activity by accident these can be deleted from the website

Only the person who created the activity can delete it

Deleting Activities

  1. Go to Workflow > Activities

  2. Click the Dustbin Icon to delete activity

From an Activity Page:

  1. Click the More dropdown then Delete Activity

Discarding Activities

Activities can be discarded if you do not want to permanently delete it, but want them to not appear in the activities list

'Actuals' cannot be discarded, only deleted

From the Maps Page:

  1. Click on a field

  2. From the Activities section, select the activity you would like to discard

  3. On the bottom left hand side, click Discard

  4. Note: This process is the same on the mobile device

From the Activities Page:

  1. Go to Workflow > Activities

  2. Find the activity you want to discard and click view

  3. Click the More button

  4. Click Discard

You can also discard activities in bulk

  1. Go to Workflow > Activities

  2. Select multiple check boxes to the left of the activity title

  3. Click More > Mark as Closed

How to Reopen Discarded Jobs:

  1. From the Activities Page set the view to All

  2. Click the check mark on the activities you want to reopen

  3. Click More > Reopen Job

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