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Using the Tank Mix Calculator on the iPad and iPhone Apps
Using the Tank Mix Calculator on the iPad and iPhone Apps

How to use the Agworld tank mix calculator

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On the Agworld iPad and iPhone apps, you can use the tank mix calculator to calculate how much of each product you require to fill up your tank and how many times you need to fill your tank up to complete the job. The tank mix calculator can be used on any to do job (planned activity, recommendation or work order).

Navigating the tank mix calculator on the Agworld apps

1. Navigate to the "to do" jobs to find an upcoming job from either the jobs page or by selecting a field on the map.

2. Select the to do job that you wish to calculate the tank mix for

3. Scroll down the job actions and click on "Calculate Tank Mix"

4. Set the size of your tank then tap on "Set"

5. The Tank Mix page will now show up; this will give you the number of times that the tank will need to be filled in order to complete the job and the quantity of each product that is needed in each tank, including the last tank.

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