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How to Create and Send a Work Order
How to Create and Send a Work Order

How to create and send your Work Orders from the Agworld iPad App

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You can quickly and easily create and share your work orders using the Agworld Platform. It's a completely paperless solution and can be done offline. With your staff, team members, contractors or applicators set up in Agworld, it's simple to create a Work Order and share it using the Agworld apps.

Here's how to create a Work Order from scratch on the Agworld iPad app:

  1. On your Maps page, click on a field

  2. In the Jobs tab, click on + Create a new job

  3. Choose the option New Work Order

  4. Fill out all relevant information. We suggest you fill out the following:

  • The job's name (e.g. Fertilizer Application)

  • The due date for the job

  • Any fields included in this work order

  • Add any pests or problems (i.e. the reason for the job)

  • Add the products or seed and rates applied

  • Add in operations to record overhead costs

  • In application details, you can add additional setup information such as the water rate and tank size

  • Everything else can be added into the free text comments section or as a photo attachment

  • Lastly, you can also select the specific Operators or Assets (machinery) assigned to this job

Once you've filled in all the information you need to record, click "Next". Now, you have the ability to review any of the information.

If you'd like to submit the work order and share it immediately with your staff or the operator, choose the option "Submit & Send". You can now select who you'd like to notify about the Work Order. They will receive an in-app notification and an email, or a text, depending which communication method you've selected.

If you'd like to create a few jobs, or don't want to send it just yet. Just select "Submit".

Here's how to convert a Work Order from a Recommendation or Plan on the Agworld iPad app:

  1. Locate the recommendation from your jobs list from the Maps or Jobs page and click on the “Convert to Work Order” button.

  2. Now you can update any details to ensure your operator has all the correct information for the job to be completed.

  3. Once done, press ‘next’.

  4. If you are happy with the preview, choose "Submit", or "Submit & Send".

Converting the recommendation to a work order doesn't destroy the recommendation, so you can always look back at what was recommended v.s what actually happened.

If you need any other assistance, please don't hesitate to contact your local support team.

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