If you've created a season plan with identical activities across different fields, and want to convert these later in the season, you may want to include all fields with an identical planned action into a single job. Below are some steps on how to do this on the Agworld iPad/iPhone apps

Convert identical planned activities to a single recommendation or work order on the iPad/iPhone:

  1. Tap on a field with a planned activity that you'd like to convert from the maps page

  2. Select the activity, and tap "convert to recommendation" or "convert to work order"

  3. Under "Locations", tap "select locations from map"

  4. On the panel on the left, you'll be able to select fields "with identical plan". Select the fields you'd like to include and tap save

  5. Make any further edits to the job, then when you're ready, submit the job and sync

Note: this workflow is only available for to-do jobs, on the Agworld apps

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