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Creating Actuals for Multi-Field Activities
Creating Actuals for Multi-Field Activities

What to do when a single field is converted to an actual from a multi field recommendation or work order 📋

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You have a recommendation / work order with a list of fields but didn't complete it for all of them. How do you show this in Agworld?

In Agworld you can do the following:

  • Convert a single field to an actual from a multi-field recommendation / work order

  • Convert multiple fields (but not all) to an actual from a multi field recommendation / work order

How to Convert a Single Field to Actual From Maps Page (Video Version)

  1. From the maps icon tap the field that you completed the job for

  2. Select the the recommendation / work order in the right hand panel

  3. Tap Convert Field to Actual

  4. Submit the job.

How to Convert a Single Field to Actual From Jobs Page (Video Version)

  1. Tap Jobs and then select the activity to be converted

  2. Convert to Actual

 3. Select the locations that the job has been completed for. You can quickly select the fields appropriate for this conversion by using:

  • Remove all other locations except this one, or 

  • Remove this location 

4. When only the field(s) needed remain in the list, proceed with entering the rest of
the data for the actual- weather conditions, assignments, etc.

5. Submit the job. The Job will be moved to Done for the field(s) you selected. The remaining field(s) will show in ToDo.

If there are fields left to complete, the job will show as In Progress. To complete the job for the remaining fields, tap Convert to Actual. If you are not going to create an Actual for the remaining fields tap Partially Complete Job


The Blue A means an actual has already been created. Make sure to delete the field so a duplicate actual is not created.

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