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How to Create Multiple Actuals for Single Field Jobs
How to Create Multiple Actuals for Single Field Jobs

Only complete part of the field? No problem! Learn how to enter that in Agworld

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When converting a job for a single field to an actual, sometimes that job cannot be completed in one day (hand harvesting, manual labor on the field, weather).

In Agworld, you can track each time that you went back to that job to have a record of each application and track the time spent on that field.

  1. To start, tap on the field in question on the maps screen to bring up the jobs list

  2. Find the to do job you'd like to convert and tap Convert Field to Actual

  3. Tap the field under locations to bring up more details. Change the activity area to represent the amount completed.

3. Once all necessary information is entered, tap Submit. If you intend on creating multiple actuals tap Not done yet (Submit and keep in todo)

4. After syncing, navigate to the maps page and tap on the job. To create another actual tap Convert Field to Actual Again. You will notice that the remaining area is shown, you can repeat the process again as needed

5. You can view all actuals for this job under Job History

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