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Installing the Agworld Power BI App
Installing the Agworld Power BI App

How to find and install the Agworld Power BI app

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The Agworld app is available from the AppSource in Power BI. 

To install:

  1. Click on the Apps tab on the left hand panel of Power BI

  2. Search for "Agworld" in the search bar (make sure you've selected to search Apps, not My Organisation

  3. Click on Get it now

4. Click on Install

Installing the app will take a minute or two. Once it's downloaded, it will be available in your Apps.

To get started, click on the Agworld Icon and choose whether you'd like to connect your Agworld data, or explore using Agworld sample data.

If you're just getting started, we'd recommend selecting Explore app, to test using example data we've created. You can always change to connect up your real data later.

To connect up your Agworld data, click on Connect, and then head to our next Help Article:

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