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Scout Getting Started: Set up Your Attributes
Scout Getting Started: Set up Your Attributes

How to set up your attributes so that you can record all the data you need, in the field

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A range of options are available in Agworld for you to record your observations. These attributes have been designed to make it easy for you to count, measure, record and capture data in the field.

You will need to pick the attribute best suited to the data you want to record. For example:

  • If you need your Scouts counting or recording numerical data, we'd suggest using a Numbered Slider or Number Pad.

  • For simple Yes/No questions, you could use the Switch

  • If you need your Scouts to identify a growth stage, or more custom fields, you could use the List Picker or Custom Slider

  • The comment box is useful for general observations or notes for the Scout to enter in free-text observations

For example, if I need my Scouts to be counting Moths per square meter, I would choose a number pad, so that they can enter any range of numbers from 0 into the thousands.

After logging in on the website, click on your business name in the top right corner of the page to get to your company settings. Then, click on Scouting Attributes

You can create as many Scouting attributes as you'd like. Once you've create a few, you can start building your templates. Templates contain a selection of your attributes, so if you want to build a "Bug Checking" template, you'd need to create attribute for each bug you want counted/measured.

Note: The ability to create Scout Attributes and Templates is only available in Farmer Mobile/Plus and Agronomist Plus/Professional subscriptions. It is not available in Agronomist Mobile or Free Farmer

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