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Scout Getting Started: Go Scouting
Scout Getting Started: Go Scouting

How to navigate the Scout app and create a Scout record

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Once you've logged in to the Scout App, you'll be able to search and view all of your clients' maps. You will be able to see the current crop and variety as well as your previous Scouting records.

It is important to know the location of a few key things in the app:

  1. Your client list - i.e. who you can scout for

  2. The Sync button - how you save and share your scout records

  3. How to create New Records

  4. How to view historic Records

To take a Scout record, all you need to do is click on the template you'd like to use, and fill in all the required fields. Once you've got everything in, click on Submit in the top right corner.

The app will save and store all of your records on the device until you Sync. This means that you can work offline as you're taking your records, but it's essential that you Sync so that the records are saved on the website and are available for reporting.

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