Recording a new seeding job:

  1. To record a seeding job carried out on a field, tap on that field from the map and select “Jobs”.

  2. Press the “Create a new job” button and select “New Actual”.

  3. Fill in the relevant fields with information from the seeding job that has been completed.

  4. Once done, press “Next”, then click on the “Submit” button

Convert a planned seeding job or a seeding recommendation to an actual:

  1. Locate the seeding plan or recommendation from your jobs list and click on the “Convert to Actual” button.

  2. If required, update or add information to any of the fields shown so that an accurate historical record of the seeding job is kept. 

  3. Once done, press ‘next’.

  4. If you are happy with the preview, press ‘submit’.

  5. Your seeding is now recorded.

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