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Activity email notifications missing from email inbox
Activity email notifications missing from email inbox

What to do when you haven't received an activity email

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If you're waiting on an activity email notification such as a recommendation from an agronomist or a work order from the farm manager, but it's not in your inbox, here are a few places we recommend checking:

Check spam/junk folders

Step 1: Open your email inbox and locate your spam/junk folder and look for an Agworld activity email from The spam/junk folder is usually on the panel of the left of your email inbox, depending on your email provider.

Step 2: If you've found an activity email from Agworld, mark it as safe/not spam to ensure all future Agworld activity emails come into your inbox.

Check the status of the sent activity

If you're having trouble locating an email, the sender can check the status of the sent activity.

Contact Agworld Customer Success

If you're still having issues after checking spam and the sent activity notification status, please contact the Agworld Customer Success Team with the details and we'll help you investigate.

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