How to Send Notifications from the Mobile Device:

  1. Create an activity in Agworld

  2. Tap Submit & Send

  3. Toggle the Notify option to alert your growers or members of company that an activity has been created in Agworld

  4. Select your Agworld or mobile device contacts as recipients - if on the iPhone you can select those contacts and add a new one if needed.

  5. Additional comments can a be added

  6. A message will come up letting you know that the activity is queued to be sent.

  7. Sync your mobile device to ensure the activity is sent successfully

Forgot to tap Submit & Send or have an old activity? No problem - just find that activity from your mobile device > Tap the activity > Tap Send > Follow steps 3-5 above.

How to Send Notifications from the Website:

You can send activities from both the Jobs & Job Activities Page. Note that while the steps to navigate to the sending feature may be different, the steps to add recipients / information are the same.

Navigating to Send Feature from the Jobs page:

  1. Select the activity(s) you would like to send by click the checkbox

  2. Click Send PDF

Navigating to Send Feature from Job Activities Page:

  1. Click on the activity(s) you would like to send

  2. Click Share & Send

Sending Notifications

You will then be prompted to add the following details before sending the message:

  • Click Notify to alert all members of the company that the activity(s) has been sent

  • Select a recipient - this can be in the form of an email, phone number, name of user at the company, or company name.

  • Add comments

Once the necessary information has been added, click OK to send

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