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John Deere: How to Merge Machine Data
John Deere: How to Merge Machine Data

Merging data from multiple machines in the John Deere Ops Center

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Importing John Deere data into Agworld is a great way to see what was done on the field and tie it to a job already created in Agworld. If you have multiple machines doing work in one field, you will want to merge the data from each machine so one completed map is created.

In order for this to be done, you will need to make sure the setup files are identical in each machine’s monitor. To do this, please follow the instructions provided from John Deere in this article or contact your local John Deere dealership to help you set up these files correctly:

When the setup files are named exactly the same on each machine, the data from each will merge automatically in the John Deere Operations Center. If you have any questions, please contact your John Deere dealership.

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