If you're no longer servicing a client, you can disconnect from the client company in Agworld to remove the client from your list.

Below are a few considerations before disconnecting:

  • Disconnecting from a client will remove them from your client list, but you can still access any historical records you've authored from the job activities page and through custom reporting.

  • Disconnecting from a client will also remove all permissions you had, so to reconnect in the future, you'll need to send a connection request for a Company Administrator or External Administrator to approve. (If you are the main External Administrator, please check if there's another active Company Administrator before disconnecting by clicking the 3 dots next to the company name > then click 'View Company Users' > then click on 'Relationships')

  • Keeping an up-to-date client list can improve performance on both the website and iPad.

  • Sync settings can be changed at a client level to improve app performance if you're wanting to limit what is synced but want to stay connected. For more information please contact Agworld Support

Here's how to disconnect:

1. Click on your company name in the top right corner

2. Click on My Connections

3. Hover your mouse over the client you'd like to remove click 'Break Relationship'

4. Click 'OK' on the popup that appears

5. You will now be back on the 'My Connections" page and may remove more clients if you need to do so

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