Signing up for Power BI

How to create a Power BI account and initiate a free trial

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Power BI can be your farm's data analysis and visualization tool. It can also serve as the analytics and decision engine behind your on-farm decisions. This article will step you through the set up process, as outlined in the Microsoft Self-Service centre.

Supported email addresses

Power BI requires you use a work or school email address to sign up. You can't create an account by using consumer email services or telecommunication providers (e.g.,, etc.)

Once you've created your account, you can then invite guest users to view your Power BI content with any email address, including personal accounts.

Signing up for an Power BI account

The following steps outline how to sign up and start a free trial license of Power BI.

  1. So to the sign-up page

  2. Enter your email address and then select sign up

  3. Verify your account via your mobile

  4. Check your email address for your verification code

  5. On the next screen, enter your information and the verification code from the email. Select a region, review the policies that are linked from this screen, then select Start.

  6. You're then taken to Power BI sign in page, and you can begin using Power BI.

If you have any issues signing up, try reading the troubleshooting instructions on the Microsoft Self Service page,

Trial expiration

After you complete the sign up process, you can sign up for a Power BI Pro trial in the Power BI service. When that trial expires, your license changes back to a Power BI (free) license. After this happens, you no longer have access to features that require a Power BI Pro license. For more information, see Microsoft's features by license type.

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