Please note there will be a charge for using NDVI. For more information, please contact Customer Success.

Using a Google Chrome Browser, login to PCT

Once signed into PCT, click the Tools button in the upper right corner and choose Explorer.

Choose the the correct field on the left hand side and click on SataView.

Click the three lines in the upper right corner. Choose the date of NDVI imagery you'd like to use, click PCT and then choose NDVI.

Next, click the up arrow and Save as Layer.

It may take a few minutes to export, but click on the Layers tab to see if it has come in yet.

When the layer is available, click on the Tools button next to your name and choose Analytics.

Choose the field and NDVI layer then Run Analysis.

Scroll to the right of the screen and choose Standard Deviation or any other zone type you'd like to classify the NDVI layer as and click Classify layer.

Scroll back over and click Edit.

Click Management Zones and Ok.

Save the Layer.

You are now ready to use this layer for sampling! Learn how to get started here.

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